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Time:04:28 pm
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Hi! I'm a former member of the JAS and I hope to be in the AYS this year, so I joined.

Name: Molly Rastin (a.k.a. Ileana, Cheesebaker, Moll
Age: 10 (11 in less than 2 weeks and on here I'm 15 . . .)
School: St. Mary Choir and Orchestra (Who else is there?)
Seattle or suburb?: Suburb
Siblings (and their ages!): Rachel, 19 (Yes, Rachel Rastin), Kyle, 20, Paul, 17 or 18 I'm not sure, Shannah, 13 (yes that Shannah).
Were/are any of them in choir?: Well we all remember Rachel, of course, and Shannah's there too. For all I know Paul was . . .
What were you for Halloween?: Ileana DuBaer (fav T*Witch character)
How many years have you been...
in Amore (this year counts): 0
in Vivace: 0
in Amabile: 2
in Fresca: 0
in choir club: 0

What part do you sing now and how long have you sung that part?: Soprano 2. (in school) Have been for one year and am still longing for my Alto 1 status to come back to me . . .
What about before that? (And before that?): Last year in school: Soprano, then Alto. (no 1s or 2s because our choir sucks) Last year in Amabile: Alto 1 forever!!!!!!!!! (I always will be at heart)

Do you have a Fresca buddy?: no . . .
Is she way more awesome than you were at that age?: Even if I was in Fresca, I'd be better than whoever. I ROCK!

So, how many choir directors have you had, anyway?: 8
Who's your favorite? Don't worry, we won't tell anyone: BRENDA DUH!

What's your favorite choir song, choosing from the ones in our current repertoire?: I'm pretty sure you guys are doing Yjak, right?
What's your favorite choir song EVER?: YJAK! THAT SONG ROCKS MY WORLD!
What's your favorite non-choir song EVER?: Uh . . . all . . .
Do you have a theme song? What is it?: White Flag, Heart Will Go On, The Gulf War Song, "C" is for Cookie . . . a lot.

How often do you eat at Pagliacci's?: Where?
Great Harvest?: Where?

Do you drive yourself to choir?: If I told you I'd have to erase your memory . . .
Do you carpool, you selfish environment killer?: No. My sister does!
Doesn't it piss you off when people drive around that little loopy drop-off thing in the wrong direction?!!: No . . . kidding . . .

Finally, the Big Question:
Are first sopranos really that dumb, or is it an act? (Tsk, tsk... me perpetuating a negative stereotype. I should be hauled out back and shot.): Everyone except Rachel (or was Rachel sop. 1?) and my cousin Stephanie are so stupid. They are not acting.
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Time:2005-03-01 12:53 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm really tired. I bet you don't have a lot (or maybe any . . .) JAS here. (Or former) I seriously should tell my random sister (who's not my sister) about this. She's still in Amabile. I think Rachel was in the Kettle Creek CHoir, but it closed on her . . .
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